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Grilled Paiche with summer vegetables.
Use loin and belly.


Poached Paiche in cilantro broth.
Use loin and tail.


Seared Paiche with red wine sauce and wild mushrooms.
Paiche loin sealed with meat juice, fresh wild mushrooms and lima beans purée.
Use loin.


Grilled Paiche steak.
Cut with backbone and skin, marinated and grilled; bone preserves the humidity in the meat.
Also great for tail.


Miso marinated Paiche.
Cooked in oven and served with its sauce.
Use loin and belly.
Stir fried Paiche with soy-vinegar sauce.
Use loin, tail and trimmings.
Baked Paiche wrapped in banana leaf.
Use loin.
Panko deep fried Paiche.
Paiche coated in Japanese panko and fried in sunflower oil.
Use loin, tail and trimmings.

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