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Our breeding process is, without a doubt, one of Amazone's main advantages. It all starts from a nature respect that makes every Amazone product a natural jewel that goes hand in hand with the environment.

We have the only controlled reproduction protocol worldwide that is not conditioned to the reproduction seasonality observed in wild Paiche populations, which allows Amazone to guarantee a sustainable and controlled supply year-round.

Only through an innovative and differentiated approach to aquaculture we have been able to achieve success in all the project stages, resulting today in a differentiated, limited offering, high value product.

We do not use hormones. We do not use sex reversion. We do not use breeding systems with densities that stress the fish, avoiding the use of antibiotics or immune stimulant substances.

Our operations are located in areas free of contamination and that do not require massive deforestation. Our infrastructure greatly resembles the species natural habitat. Coupled with careful handling techniques and adequate breeding densities for the species, allows our Paiche to grow healthy and free of stress.

We are the first company in Peru to get the first aquaculture production protocol (PTH-015-13-SANIPES PEC-DG) for Paiche in the amazon Peruvian basin. 

Freshness and Quality

We are aware that no process improves the initial quality of the raw materials, therefore each step of our process has been designed to guarantee that this initial condition is kept unaltered. For this purpose, a specially designed cold chain and logistics have been developed to bring out of the Amazon to our customers around the world an exceptionally fresh fish in a guaranteed innocuous state.


Our certifications

  • Whole Foods Market sustainable aquaculture standards
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • SGS certification approval of service suppliers
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points - HACCP
  • SANIPES sanitary certification for our farm                    
  • CITES International agreement


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