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Fish with very delicate taste

The reason is based in two issues: The quantity of fat in the muscle and the quantity of dissolved components in it. For instance, fish whose eating habits demands a high migration like tuna, bonito, swordfsh, etc; will have both, high level of components in the muscle and fat to be used like energy. This is not the case of Paiche, which is a territorial fish and it is not moving so much. This is the reason for the excellent white color of this fish meat and delicate taste. 


Fish with high nutritional value and alimentary

The quantity of protein in muscle is rather high, 20% weigh-weigh. That means that paiche has 20 gr of proteins in 100 gr of fish portion. Excellent attribute, because the most valuable component in food – in biological terms – is the protein.

It doesn't have high level of unsaturated fat which place the Paiche as an excellent alternative for "Light and fancy dishes". However compare to other premium fishes its quantities of fat are rather low, making it (as the chefs had said) the perfect fish to work with.



Chefs are impressed because of two main characteristics of meat when it is being cooked. The firmness (capacity to keep itself compact and without any detachment at all) the smoothness (consequence of cooking), and moreover its juiciness (capacity to keep water) are the best culinary aspects.

This can be explained due to the kind of protein in the muscle. Paiche is very rich in collagen quantities which give the muscle firmness and capacity to retain liquid, so it will be always juicy, even when cooked using the strongest techniques.

Currently, all five-star or top-class restaurants which are working with Paiche are offering like: grilled – crunchy way – fried – stewed – always cooked to use this advantage.


Form and size:

For sure, there is not any fish from aquaculture which reaches the same commercial size of paiche. It is unique.  This is translated in symmetrical and very fancy shapes (in culinary terms), which are letting really impressive dishes


The excitement that a creature with all these unique characteristics is better shown in the picture take last year at Nobu's Restaurant in Japan,  where chefs felt in love with this fish.




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