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Who we are

We are a private company that after years of research and development has been able to reproduce and farm one of the most emblematic species of the Amazon, protecting its existence, respecting its nature and habitat. By these means, we achieve Hochschild Group's investment principles of Innovation, Value Creation and Development, Environmental Care and Profitability. Hochschild Group, founded in 1911, is one of the most important economic conglomerates in Peru.

AMAZONE is the brand that represents this nature respect initiative, which makes it possible for the world to enjoy unique resources from the Amazon. Amazone's environmental, social and ecologic commitment distinguishes and grants us a great responsibility for all our customers.


We are innovative company specialized in naturally producing and commercializing to the fine culinary world Paiche and other Amazonian species, using environmentally friendly methods and supplies, assuring an environmentally sustainable year-round supply of an homogeneous quality, innocuous and traceable product. We promote a green supply chain with our products.



To be the world's pioneer and leading producer of Paiche and other premium value added Amazonian culinary products, operating under natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly conditions, while generating social development and welfare.



Prize for export and innovation excellency

Ivan Kisik sustainability award - Summum 2015


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