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Paiche ( say " pye-chay " )

The fish its self is very special. Paiche has pseudo-lungs which enable the fish take air from the atmosphere like us. The size they can reach is impressive, up to 3 meters of length and 250 kg of weight. Furthermore, it has been on earth since the Miocene.

Paiche (Arapaima gigas), a culinary ancient delicacy, also referred to by today's culinary connoisseurs as the Amazonian bass, is bred by Amazone in total harmony with its natural habitat. Conscious of the fragility of the species and the Amazon, our operations do not affect its sustainability, since it is not extracted from the wild. We farm Paiche from its reproduction to harvest without genetic or chemical intervention, avoiding high densities or immune stimulants. A true piece of nature delivered to your plate with a unique environmental and social respect initiative.

Our aquaculture proposal and care given to Paiche's Amazonian origin and sustainability are fully aligned with the exclusivity of such a unique culinary delicacy.


Nutritional Value

Paiche is a high nutritional source among fresh water fish. Its meat concentrates high protein values, even superior to many sea fish species. Every 100 gr of meat provide 20 gr of protein. It contains a lower fat percentage compared to other white meat species of similar physical and mechanical properties, such as the Black Cod or Chilean Seabass, both with excellent culinary properties similar to the Paiche.

The advantage of having a lower fat content lies on the subtle taste of its meat, allowing the most demanding and avant-garde chefs to give free rein to their creativity. It does not present saturated nor trans fats, as it only contributes with fats that are beneficial to the organism, including omega 3 and 6.

Many of the marine and continental captured species that are merely carnivorous present an accumulation of heavy metals due to the biomagnifications of the food chain. Our Paiche meat is free of heavy metals (including mercury) given that the water used for its breeding comes from virgin rain-originated rivers that feed the Amazon River, and are not exposed to human activities that would contaminate its water.

Paiche meat is white, with a subtle and elegant taste that allows pairing of flavors. It is firm when cooked and has no bones.

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According to WHOT:

  • Among the general adult population, consumption of fish, particularly oily fish with Omega 3, lowers the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) mortality and protect against atherosclerosis. 
  • It is recommended eating fish two or three times a week.

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